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Engine Gaskets

Oil Cooler Hose Kit
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Stainless Steel Hose Kit
Rubber Hose Hit

Oil Cooler
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Oil Cooler 13 rows
Oil Cooler 16 rows

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Fast Road Profile Camshaft from FC50000E ($75 core charge)
Power band 2000-6500 RPM
Inlet valve timing 22-70 exhaust timing 62-28
Inlet duration 272 degress exhaust duration 270 degress
Inlet valve lift 0.415" exhust lift 0.4"

Roller Rocker Assembly MK3 only
Tubular Push Rods MK3 only
Rocker Oil Feed Kit
Large Intake Valve - 1.44"
Large Exhaust Valve - 1.23" Stainless Steel